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Diaminding is a collection of articles and essays about strategy, product, frontend, finance, and growth.


Hey šŸ‘‹šŸ¾, Iā€™m George, a frontend developer based in Berlin, Germany.

I started my career in finance and business development. After earning an MBA from EDHEC Business School, I switched to marketing and did growth-oriented marketing for a handful of startups. My focuses were user acquisition and conversion optimization.

The technical side of marketing inspired me to study design and web development. I started teaching myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in January 2016 and landed my first programming job at Aperto - An IBM Company (IBM iX) in November of the same year.

I aim to keep my business problem-solving skills broad and sharp. So, besides web technology, I cross-train strategy, product, growth, and finance. Occasionally, I study relevant topics from the social and natural sciences (history, complexity, psychology, cognitive science, etc.) to complement my core topics.

My approach to learning is empirical, which means I prioritize facts, data, evidence first, personal experience second, and intuition third. When possible, I use the same approach to make non-trivial life decisions.

I publish via Diaminding to refine my thinking and share my learning with other technology professionals, especially developers. My goal is to help people (including myself) make better decisions via brief, well-researched, informal, and actionable writing.

You can learn more about me at georgebullock.dev. Follow me on Twitter @george_bullock to connect and get notified about new posts.

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